Curly Hair Salon Brampton

Curly Care: (905) 494-1999

The Curl AmbassadorsTM

Brampton Salon

Address: 480 Chrysler Drive Unit # 43
Brampton, L6S 0C1

Telephone: (905) 494-1999
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Hours of Operation:

  • Monday: 10am– 8pm
  • Tuesday: 10am– 8pm
  • Wednesday: 10am– 8pm
  • Thursday: 10am– 8pm
  • Friday: 10am– 8pm
  • Saturday: 9am– 6pm
  • Sunday: Closed
  • Sundays & Mondays: please arrange product pick- up in advance.

About the Brampton Curly Hair Salon:
Newly opened location servicing all of the Peel Region and surrounding areas – Spread the word Curly girls and boys! The Curl Ambassadors have finally arrived! Featuring our signature Dry-Cut Curly, our healthy Curly hair Products and our highly demanded Curly Hair Specialists. Now the newest little Mecca for all Curly hair types and textures, the Brampton location is servicing all who have been ready to embrace their beautiful natural curls!

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Services Offered at our Brampton Location

  • The Curly- DooTM
  • The Curly ColourTM
  • The Dry Cut CurlyTM
  • The Dry DustingTM
  • Cut
  • Cut Child (12 and under)
  • Colour
  • Colour/Highlights
  • Partial Highlights
  • Full Highlights
  • Cut/Colour
  • Cut/Colour/Partial Highlights
  • Cut/Full Highlights
  • Deep Conditioning Treatment
  • Curly Doo (avail for 1st time Customers only)
  • Curly Doo Child (avail for 1st time Customers only 12 and under)
  • Wash & Blow dry Curly (Existing Customers including children)
  • Wash & Blow dry Straight

Please read our Genuine Customer reviews for our Services

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I came into the salon with two inspos, one a lovely dark blue balayage that I’ve always dreamed of and the second a more natural colour in case the blue wasn’t a go. I left with my dream blue hair! Toni did such an amazing job & she was so patient and beyond respectful I was truly in awe of her. Niceness is supposed to be a norm but unfortunately it’s not always & as a person with limitations this was the first salon experience I genuinely enjoyed & appreciated. In fact everyone there was so nice and welcoming but Toni really went above & beyond. Plus there’s nothing but pure talent & creativity at this salon so huge props to everyone!



Never before had my hair felt so cherished. It was extremely dry and devoid of moisture. Since Toni has been in my hair, my hair has practically been alive with zest and vigor. Considering how long and thick my hair is, I'm overjoyed that she can manage however, the time Toni had her hands in my head massaged and my hair scrubbed was amazing. My hair felt incredibly soft, light, and bouncy. She is incredible, and I adore her dearly. for assisting me in determining how best to take care of my curls and my hair. Romona's personality is also a lot of fun. Her constant smile gave me self-assurance. She provided me advice and was very careful with my hair. I really like how she was so specific. Romona is really vivacious, and I adore her. Since getting my hair done at Curl Ambassadors, it has been shiny and healthy. I'm overjoyed that my hair has recovered.