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Curly Care: 1(855) 928-7563

The Curl AmbassadorsTM

Vaughan Salon

Address: 9100 Jane St.,
Unit 32,Building D
Vaughan, Ontario L4K 0A4

Telephone:(905) 738-9910
Hours of Operation:

  • Monday: 10am– 7pm
  • Tuesday: 10am– 7pm
  • Wednesday: 10am – 7pm
  • Thursday: 10am – 8pm
  • Friday: 9am – 6pm
  • Saturday: 10am – 6pm
  • Sunday: 10am – 6pm
  • Sundays, Mondays, Tuesdays: please arrange product pick- up in advance.

About the Vaughan Salon: Located in the heart of Vaughan, this convenient location features some of the most experienced curly hairdressers in the Greater Toronto Area.



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(905) 738-9910

Salon Photos

Take a look inside our world famous The Curl Ambassadors Downtown Vaughan Curly Hair Salon.

The-Curl-Ambassadors-Vaughan-1The-Curl-Ambassadors-Vaughan-2The-Curl-Ambassadors-Vaughan-3The-Curl-Ambassadors-Vaughan-4The-Curl-Ambassadors-Vaughan-5The-Curl-Ambassadors-Vaughan-6The-Curl-Ambassadors-Vaughan-7 width=The-Curl-Ambassadors-Vaughan-8

Services Offered

  • The Curly- Doo
  • The Curly Colour
  • The Dry Cut Curly
  • Cut
  • Cut Child (12 and under)
  • Colour
  • Colour/Highlights
  • Partial Highlights
  • Full Highlights
  • Cut/Colour
  • Cut/Colour/Partial Highlights
  • Cut/Full Highlights
  • Deep Conditioning Treatment
  • Curly Doo (avail for 1st time Customers only)
  • Curly Doo Child (avail for 1st time Customers only 12 and under)

About The Curl AmbassadorsTM Vaughan

Nestled in a cozy corner just outside of Vaughan Mills Mall… The Curl Ambassadors opened in their next great Mecca of Curls in November of 2009….the wonderful fast traffic of this chic neighborhood is filled with energy, shoppes, curls and of course coffee…. Tim Hortons to the left and Starbucks to the right (in the next adjoining plaza). Its cool, chic, classy and comfy just like in our flagship store on Harbord! AND OF COURSE with all the talented curl experts, music, feel and yes gourmet Jelly Beans!” Forever… The Curl Ambassadors are proud to provide a specialized dry-cutting curl experience for men, women and children of all ethnicities with all hair types and textures.”





(905) 738-9910


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    29 Reviews

    Carm M

    I was cutting trims for years from my regular hairdresser but she is sick and my hair was in desperate need of a cut. My hair is a kinky curl and its been very thin but it's been finally growing so it was all over the place uneven and no shape and my curls were not curling anymore. I was very nervous because its finally grew not a lot but still didn't want to loose it. I have had hairdressers not know how to cut my hair so that was my biggest worry. I had Toni and I was asking her lots of questions about my hair and she answered them all easily. I bought the hair products that she recommended and I booked another appointment in September.


    Chanelle Burris

    Great experience - my appointment was on time. I did have to wait a while to get my appointment rebooked however that was understandable during the lockdown. I originally had my appointment with Sheridan however I desperately needed a haircut as my hair was becoming split at the ends so I had changed to another stylist Inna. I did like the products that were used to wash and she was very knowledgeable and helpful during the consultation. The salon didn't have very many people inside so I felt very safe during my appointment. The cut was nice - a little short for my liking however I did have bleached ends which likley caused the breakage at the end. I was a bit unsatisfied in the way my roots looked as it was flat even after drying. I felt that Sheradan did a better job in terms of having more definition in the curls. It's a great location overall I would recommend.