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Hi Christine!  Thank you for checking in. I was actually thinking of sending Toni an email this morning.Now to be coming in and having more colour added on by someone who “checked”me on my hair type the very first time I met her.  Not realizing she would know more than me about hair and my hair at that, but my delicate EGO  🤯 was shut down on such a sad day for me.Toni knows the story lol :).
I’m sure Toni could sense my energy was off when I first arrived at 10am because her vibe/ energy slowly changed mine for the better. She must’ve known I wasn’t really feeling her, had some reservations about her or God was truly in that salon on Friday.  Because, HE allowed her soul to speak into mine and relax my nerves and love on me.  Yes Toni, LOVE on me 😊😘. She spoke to me about my hair like she knew my hair for 36 years. She explained everything and took her time with each step.  Never once leaving doubt in my mind.  She was so confident in her work and I could see why. I am in love  💓 with my hair colour, like REALLY IN LOVE! 😍 I haven’t washed it yet. Fingers crossed it will still look as great as it does now.I’d say after having multiple bad experiences in hair salons; which lead me to stop going -Toni has eased my mind just a LITTLE :). I think her hands may be the only hands I’ll be trusting for a while. This was the colour and fix I needed after going through a hard two weeks 💔 and after being told, “my hair was 4b”  😝.
Let’s hope this cut on Saturday goes well.🤞🏾 . Toni, you’ve got some nerves you’re gonna have to calm down on Saturday for me.  All in all, I’m happy with the service and Im thankful Toni was there to fix it.
She knows her S*%_ ! 🙂 . Thanks aviation Christine for taking the time to check in.
By the way, CA on IG had said Christine or Chelsea would get back to me about the Dry cut promo you had going on. Maybe you might have some light on that info… Cheers, Melissa
By Melissa
From Brampton
On 08 October 2019
5 Star Rating: Recommended